About Us

We are active in the field of arts and culture to promote innovative projects and support professionals in their developmental paths and growth.

The European and international dimension is the key component that qualifies our work method and the services we offer.

We are inspired by international operating models. We establish a dialogue and cooperate with different organisations in order to develop effective solutions and innovative answers to the typical issues of the sector: opportunities and change.

Melting Pro has a dual soul: Laboratory for culture and Learning.


Laboratory for culture

The Laboratory is the engine of our project design and management to realize innovation, cooperation and enhancement initiatives in the cultural sector.


It is the cooperative society created by Melting Pro to provide cultural and creative enterprises with innovative services and to offer training courses for the professional development of people working in the sector.


Antonia Silvaggi
European project manager, researcher
Federica Pesce
European project manager, researcher
Giulia Fiaccarini
European project manager, head of administration
Laura Bove
National project manager, head of communication
Ludovica De Angelis
Coordinator, head of training area
Maura Romano
National project manager, researcher
Patrizia Braga
European project manager, trainer