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Melting Pro is a dynamic cultural enterprise, focused on the potential of art and creativity to transform our societies.

It is a team of professionals supporting organisations, communities and individuals on paths
of growth and development

Born in 2011 in Rome, MeP has been developing creative ways to promote cultural participation through cooperation at local, national and European level.
MeP has developed strong competences to face today’s challenges and offers strategic consulting services to those who want to be relevant for their communities and users and innovate the cultural and creative sector.
Discover MeP’s Areas of Work and Team

Culture is the only good that,

once distributed,

increases its value

Hans Georg Gadamer

Here is the story of Melting Pro through some of the most significant experiences that we have lived,
the projects and bonds that we have created and the emotions that we have felt



Melting Pro Laboratorio per la cultura is born

 This is the beginning of the MeP enterprise

MeP has an home

Our first office 



The European adventure starts!

The whole team is in Strasburg for “Le Whub” project



A national project based in Corleone (Sicily) and focused on unique heritage: the Falcone-Borsellino archive from the anti-Mafia historical trials

AP art up

MeP promotes contemporary art in the Marche Region. Activities for local development have begun



An unprecedented, innovative creative entrepreneurship workshop organized in Rome

Audience development and participation

With the European project ADESTE, a new field of research and training opens up

Storytelling Workshop

MeP facilitates its first European DST workshop for the enhancement of museum collections


MeP Learning is born

Melting Pro doubles its efforts: training and consultancy are at the core of the newborn cooperative

The seduction of European design

A publication kicking off  Melting Pro’s editorial activity 


Europlanning for culture

The first edition of the Turin training course for new European project managers.

Kvalues, key skills

European cooperation is now used to test storytelling in the evaluation of soft skills



Stories from overseas

A long-range trip brings MeP to the US for the yearly international conference on digital storytelling

Circus performers and audiences

11 contemporary circus companies and a lot of work on audience training and engagement. The Quinta Parete project


Local storytelling

New activities to enhance local areas through art and creativity. From the Marche Region to Lazio and Sicily



The Melting Pro format for creative local development through a community-based art process 


Cultural visions

A new book about the relationship between culture and local development


European alliances and cultural audiences

A new chapter on participation and audience development studies with old and new European partners: the CONNECT project 



Schools, Roman suburbs and creativity for MeP’s first community project



The first Italian magazine dedicated to cultural management and participation: welcome Conectando Audiencias Italia!

Metamorphosis of the SPACE format

Experimenting creative regeneration with young street artists between Rome and North Africa

Invasioni Contemporanee

An arts Festival is launched in the Piceno area hit by the 2016 earthquakes. Art residencies and community work


Audience development and participation

With the ADA and ADESTE + projects, the networks and exchanges on audience development are growing

Present and future of museums

MUS.A, a new European project dedicated to museum professionals and digital skills


Creativity and teaching in schools

The P.arch project brings creative development to the children of Lazio and Sicily


The MeP tree

A new tree has its roots in the land of Kenya, our small contribution to the protection of the planet


Top Libraries

A capacity building programme for the network of Turin Libraries that want to become more engaging and user-friendly

MeP in the pandemic

While everything changes, some things get stronger

Stories behind the cities

3 Eastern European cities tell their stories thanks to digital storytelling

Invasioni Contemporanee

Festival 2020

We return to the areas of Piceno hit by the earthquake for the second digital edition of the Festival of local development



A major new project starts with 11 European partners to define the figure of the urban regenerator

Melting Pro turns 10!

Since 2011 together