Antonia Silvaggi
European project manager, researcher

Her dual nature British-Roman affected her love for internationalisation and for Europe.
With a background as an archaeologist, on which she has developed a stratigraphy as project manager, surely she became an insatiable researcher on key competences, audience development and new cultural models. A passionately fond of museums and of digital storytelling, she is grateful to H. Gardner for his theory of multiple intelligences, so she can say she has at least one!

Federica Pesce
European project manager, researcher

From the abstraction of philosophical thinking to that of numbers she keeps on trying to square the circle between cultural content and complex financial plans. She often travels around Europe, developing project ideas with curiosity and passion. Her beloved challenge is the transformation of information into knowledge through the practice of digital storytelling and participatory design.

Her motto is: one thing does not rule out the other!

Giulia Fiaccarini
European project manager, Financial officer

As an early cinema lover, Giulia brings her fascination of possible worlds to creating and
developing cultural projects. Imaginative but with an unlikely passion for numbers, she is
responsible for MeP’s strategic development and financial management. Among her areas of work: entrepreneurship of people working in the cultural and creative sector and strategies to diversify and engage audiences. Divided between Italy and the United States, she feels fundamentally European.

Laura Bove
Project manager, Communications officer

Passionately fond of photography, Laura likes communicating through images and gives a creative touch to MeP’s activities and products. Facilitator in digital storytelling courses, she is an expert in applied research, planning and coordination of socio-cultural initiatives at national and European level. Communications officer for Melting Pro Lab and Learning, she is the social soul of the group.
She likes rock music, cycling and yes, hers are natural curls.

Ludovica De Angelis
Coordinator, Training officer

President of MeP Learning, she wanted to become a baker to work with her hands in all kinds of dough, instead she has to coordinate a hardly malleable group of professionals. She works in design and management of interventions for the vocational education and training of
professionals in the cultural and creative sector by promoting the use of informal and
participatory teaching methodologies.
A word of advice: do not try to speak ill of the “captain”, the Rome soccer legend – Totti!

Maura Romano
Project manager, researcher

President of MeP Lab, fond of Asian cinema and Argentine tango, Maura goes through the myriad commitments crowding her agenda between one gancho and one boleo. Expert in design and management of initiatives for the development of territories, she travels around Italy building up networks and promoting cultural activities. Maura holds PhD in organizational communication and is journalist specialized in digital publishing. She published several essays and articles and curates MeP’s publications with love and passion.

Patrizia Braga
European project manager, researcher

Venetian and with a restless and curious soul, Patrizia loves travelling and discovering common cultural values and different professional approaches, sure that culture and education are key elements to improve the quality of life. For years she has been working with digital storytelling, non-formal and informal training and project management at national and European level.

Her motto? “Free our thoughts. Free our dreams” (Charlie Chaplin ).