Creative local development

Art goes beyond the limits in which time would like to compress it, and indicates the content of the future

Vasilij  Kandinskij

Melting Pro is dedicated to the revitalization of spaces and their heritage through art and community involvement.

Creative languages and participation are essential to open new horizons: this Area fosters experimentations that promote, in the long run, development, integration and active citizenship.

It operates by bringing together the energies active in an urban or suburban context with those from artists and cultural practitioners with different backgrounds. This approach guides a process that revitalizes fragile and vulnerable neighborhoods, cities and internal areas.

The goal is to trigger a new development phase on a creative and participatory basis, infused with principles and practices of social and environmental sustainability.

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Melting Pro puts art at communities’ service to lead them in the rediscovery and reappropriation of bonds, values and widespread beauty, laying the foundations for a conscious, shared and lasting growth.

This Area focuses on creating and facilitating networks between public and private bodies, citizens, businesses and non-profit organizations, artists and creatives, exploring new forms of collaboration. The Area has developed two formats:

Format SPACE a regeneration model based on participation and creative languages. Through a dialogue between artists and citizens and artistic residencies a program of site-specific activities and works unfolds

SPACE XL a creative regeneration process to implement strategies based on citizens’ participation and networks with local public and private bodies