Participation and Development of Organizations

Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?

Henry David Thoreau

It is more and more essential for cultural and creative organizations to relate to people and understand their needs. This is the only way they can provide new and participatory experiences and relaunch their role within societies.

This Area supports cultural institutions that want to become more audience-focused by opening up to broader and more diverse participants in order to develop new sustainable strategies and increase their resilience.

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Strengthening cultural organizations as drivers for individual and collective experiences, values, and new behaviors is critical for the transition towards new ways of living together that are based on empathy and dialogue, civic and environmental responsibility, diversity, and social justice.

Melting Pro has developed a double capacity-building service that helps an organization to build long-lasting relationships with people and communities and a more environmentally and socially sustainable future.

This Area helps the cultural sector to maximize its social impact and minimize its effect on the environment


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As a result of international research and experiments, the Participation and Development of Organizations offers the following services:

CONNECT & ENGAGE a service to strengthen an organization’s management system and social relevance through a strategy based on audience development and engagement.

GREENWAYS a service to convert a cultural institution’s management in a green perspective, focusing on efficiency and sustainability from an environmental and social point of view.