“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original”

Sir Ken Robinson

This Area aims at matching the up-skilling needs of professionals, young people, institutions and businesses by offering training courses for the professional and personal development of people in the cultural and creative sector.

In Melting Pro’s vision future cultural leaders and professionals aiming at promoting innovation, participation, efficiency, and social impact will need up-to-date knowledge and technical skills, together with a set of personal qualities and key soft skills.

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The training offer by MeP integrates the development of hard and soft skills, such as team work, creativity, spirit of initiative, adaptability and the ability to find new opportunities and trends. Through an approach that places participants at the centre of the learning process, the Area designs programs and courses to boost empowerment, resilience and entrepreneurship.

As the result of international research and experimentation, the MeP training method is based on a practice-based formula that exploits the potential of visual representations, simulations, creative play, exercises on case studies and group dynamics, to immerse participants in a deep and personal experience.

Themes and methods are proposed in line with the transformations, trends and needs of the sector. Here are some of the fields tackled by this Area:

  • Soft skills and non-formal learning paths for cultural leaders
  • Creativity, interpersonal skills and audience engagement
  • Design, networking and public relations
  • Storytelling for teaching, training and personal and professional empowerment

The training offer consists of:

A CATALOG OF COURSES on themes and methods in line with the most innovative trends in the sector

A WORKSHOP for the development of key SOFT SKILLS, aimed at classes of students and teams of professionals