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Conectando Audiencias Italia

CONECTANDO AUDIENCIAS ITALIA was born in 2018 from the collaboration with our Spanish partner Asimétrica.
It then expanded internationally, with the launch in 2020 of the Danish,
Portuguese, Polish and Latin American editions. 

In the articles and interviews that we publish, international experts with different backgrounds address issues related to the sustainability of cultural organizations and the engagement of the public.

Through this magazine we have decided to make accessible for the Italian readers some of the international good practices that Asimétrica has been disseminating in Spain through CONECTANDO AUDIENCIAS; in addition, in our edition you will find contributions and case studies from the Italian cultural and creative sector.

We believe that the exchange of experiences and dialogue between professionals from different countries can be key to the growth of the sector and the development of cultural and creative companies. 

We would like CONECTANDO AUDIENCIAS ITALIA (CAIT) to become a place for dialogue and exchange. This is why we invite you to join the community of professionals who share experiences and research with us.

Though only in Italian, CAIT is open to your contribution: if you have come across an article or best practice that would be important to translate and disseminate in Italia, please email: rivistacait@meltingpro.org

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