Courses aimed to transfer the competencies related to the use of the digital storytelling methodology.

What is it?

The digital storytelling (DST) is a narrative practice that combines the tradition of oral storytelling to new technologies. The stories that it allows to create stem from tales of events and experiences that are turned into short videos lasting. DST is a very versatile tool that can be applied to different areas such as culture and education, participatory research, the world of work and business, the enhancement of territories.

Why participate?

  • to use new forms of engagement of specific targets
  • to work with young people and help them develop both their technological and creative skills
  • to guide your company and his team in a process of strengthening the corporate image based on shared values
  • to learn new techniques of group facilitation

Melting Pro adapts and transfers the digital storytelling methodology based on research and experimentation performed consistently at national and international level. To know more watch the video of our workshops and digital stories on MeP’s youtube channel.

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