Cities and narratives

Cities and neighbourhoods can be told in many different ways. And many are the voices joining the narratives, all different by idioms, styles, colours, and sounds

In recent years we have experimented with several methods to engage young people, artists, and organizations in promoting their tangible and intangible assets.

With the P.arch Playground project for community architects, funded by the Foundation Con i Bambini, the discussion opened up to one of the most interesting groups we have come into contact with: boys and girls in elementary and middle schools.

Not only local development, but also strengthening of communities. Our approach promotes the “educational potential” of communities and schools in some Roman and Sicilian suburbs.

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This year we’re experimenting with an alternative kind of storytelling through one of the most beloved literary genres for children (and adults too!): comics.

The aim is to create a graphic novel of the “suburbs”, showing that the centre is here, and not only in the institutionalised places of beauty.
Learn more about the¬†P.arch¬†project and other “creative local development” initiatives on our website’s pages.

Laura B.
P.arch Project manager and Communication Manager

Visual Method Conference in Rome: Preparing for the Next Generation