Let's network: educating communities in dialogue

The Innesti di comunità project, funded by the Impresa Sociale Con i bambini, gave us the opportunity to open our organisation to new collaborations between different territorial communities between Rome and Sardinia and to share resources, skills and knowledge on involvement and engagement practices.
With this in mind, the twinning between Innesti di comunità and two other CIB-funded projects, Accresce in Cagliari and Scuola Diffusa in the Tor Marancia district of Rome, was born. The common objective is the sharing and exchange of good practices for the involvement of local communities.
The neighbourhoods in which the three projects are being developed, although very different from each other, present similar characteristics: on the one hand, there are critical issues for the development of educating communities (lack of accessible cultural offers, lack of aggregative spaces, difficulties in creating stable relationships among residents, relevant phenomena of educational poverty), on the other hand, however, there are great opportunities (numerous voluntary and neighbourhood associations, active and collaborative educational institutions, activation of bottom-up resources).

The three initiatives are also united by the intention of wanting to strengthen the presence of the educating community through the use of a community space: the former caretaker’s house of the Pisacane school (Tor Pignattara, Rome), a private space in the centre of the neighbourhood (Tor Marancia, Rome), and a neighbourhood centre in the historic centre of the city (Cagliari).

The twinning started in May 2023 when, together with Con i Bambini and the managers of the other 2 initiatives, we defined the steps and designed a path for mutual exchange and discussion on 3 main topics: activation of the educating community; management of a community space; involvement of educational institutions.

The first in-person meeting took place from 16 to 18 January. The two Roman teams represented by Ass. Pisacane 0-99, Melting Pro and Io sono e Uno, flew to Sardinia to meet the Cagliari community of ‘Accresce’, and the representatives of the Efys Association.
3 intense days during which we met the inhabitants, associations, institutions, schools and families of the Marina district in Cagliari. We walked through the streets of the city centre and the district during the Photomapping activity. Through the images we tried to answer the question “What/what place can be important for the growth of the educating community?

We met in dialogue with schools, parents and territorial realities during 2 focus groups. The aim was to consolidate a trans-regional network between realities operating in different geographical contexts but in similar cultural and social situations. Through the sharing and exchange of good practices, we discussed participation strategies and designed actions more tailored to the needs and desires of the communities.
The comparison will continue during the next meeting to be held in Rome, from 14 to 16 February in a 3-day event between Tor Marancia and Tor Pignattara (two suburbs of Rome) to get to know the local communities and interact with colleagues from Cagliari visiting our city.

We are very happy to be able to dialogue with other projects and associations working for the growth and empowerment of communities. Networking is a fundamental tool for us to promote sustainable development, social inclusion and territorial cohesion. Investing in relationships and links between different communities is an essential element in building more resilient, supportive and inclusive societies.

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