How to understand them and relate to them

Along with the global crisis caused by the Covid19 pandemic, 2020 proved to be a decisive moment for cultural organizations and spaces

The strategies and principles that guide Audience Development must now start from a fundamental task: restoring the relationship of trust with people so that they feel safe and comfortable in the experience they are offered.

How can the cultural sector become present and relevant to the public again?


If collected systematically, data can describe what is happening around us and allow us to be in touch with reality, be ready to act when needed, and welcome changes promptly.

Having resilience and adaptability to context means being able to nurture your community and show interest in it. Gathering information about new habits is key to accomplishing this.

The Participation and Development of Organizations Area helps cultural businesses and practitioners grow in this direction, to achieve sustainability and innovation.

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Patrizia B.
Participation and Development of Organizations Area

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