Local development through the arts

Art and creativity are precious and effective tools to transform spaces and contexts, generate value, engage, share, and solve complex problems

We believe urban regeneration requires time, dedication, strategy, participation. It is based on a process made of deep bonds and unexplored connections between creatives and the people who live in marginalised communities or fragile areas The result is something unique and original, which enhances spaces and nurtures values.

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Join us on a journey through the places where Melting Pro is experimenting this local development model: from the inland areas of Piceno affected by the 2016 earthquake to the Roman suburbs of Tor Pignattara and Primavalle; from the Sicilian communities of Palermo and Favara to the towns of San Giorgio a Cremano, Pescara and Teramo, to Melilla, a Spanish enclave in Morocco.

By exploring the Creative Local Development Area, you can discover some of the regenerative sparks we created working in a street, in a square, in a natural cave or in a market, to re-imagine the future of a place and of those who live in it.


M. Romano

How to understand them and relate to them