Visual Method Conference in Rome: Preparing for the Next Generation

From 29 to 31 May, the 8th Visual Methods Conference (IVMC)
will be held in Rome

The theme of this edition is ‘Preparing for the Next Generation’. How to invest strongly and responsibly in the Next Generation? What common goods – such as education and training – do we turn to in order to give everyone equal opportunities?

The conference is promoted by Saperi&Co and Melting Pro and will be hosted by the Sapienza University of Rome.

The International Visual Methods Conference (IVMC) is an interdisciplinary conference that brings together academics, researchers and practitioners in the visual field. Taking place every two years, the IVMC seeks to promote greater dialogue in the area of visual methods, both in theoretical and practical aspects.

Visual methods use a variety of tools (images, maps, drawings, graphic novels, photos, films, videos, etc.) to communicate complex concepts. These tools are generated through participation, research and design activities or even through the use of existing visual materials in an original way.

The deadline for submitting papers, events, workshops and exhibitions ended in February and from 1 March you can buy tickets to attend the conference.

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Next steps towards the conference
1-31 March Early-Bird Registration
6 April – Outline programme sharing
1-30 April – Registration (full price)
1-10 May – Last registration 15 May – Detailed programme
29-31 May – Main event – International Visual Methods Conference

Want to know more? Visit the Visual Methods page on our website or write to Federica Pesce, f.pesce@meltingpro.org, Head of Storytelling Area

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