Melting Pro welcomes Federica

Let us introduce Federica, the newcomer in the MeltingPro team. Thirty years old, eclectic, curious, she is involved in project planning in support of the educational, social, and cultural sectors. She defines herself as an accurate and timely planner, constantly searching for new ideas, practices, and projects capable of producing sustainable and innovative social changes.

She has a master’s degree in management of cultural heritage at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and, between one experience and another around Italy, she has developed intersectoral skills: from editorial communication to audiovisual programming to the design and coordination of didactic recreational workshops.

The things that move her most are illustrations, big buildings, and meaningful stories. Well, what else to say? During her time at university, she became passionate about gender studies and discovered a lot about herself, about women, about the way she perceives others and herself, and this remains one of her great passions.

Today, after a short period at the European Bubble, Federica arrives at MeltingPro to learn and experiment, supporting the activities of design, development, and coordination of European projects.

Welcome Federica!