#iorestoacasa (I stay at home)

Melting Pro adheres to the #iorestoacasa campaign for respect for ourselves and others.

We will continue to work on our projects but, in compliance with the indications of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 9 March 2020 of the Italian Government, we will do it from our homes.

It will be strange, difficult days but we will try to maintain relationships and (virtual) contacts through skype meetings, video calls and all that technology offers us.

We urge all of you to take the maximum precautionary measures, regardless of the city and state you are in.

In the meantime, we will try to make these days less boring by sharing interesting cultural content with you and using this time as an additional opportunity for discussion and study on some important topics for the cultural and creative sector.

We will be more connected and ready to listen to you than ever.