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Is it a library just a container of books or could it turn into something more?

The Civica Prospero Rendella Library is trying to answer the question, but obviously is not simple.

Rendella is more than a library, in Monopoli, a city near Bari, the south of Italy.

It’s a modern, multimedia and multicultural place able to evolve according to people’s needs, technologies, relationships, and economic changes.

Therefore, Rendella is a vital community point, not just a building.

Since October 2018, Melting Pro has been working closely with the library’s staff and the local community to increase its social and cultural resilience.

In other words, Rendella is a meeting place to reinvigorate the territory identity and its social relationships.

How? Under many actions developed through SMART- In Puglia “Community Library” Monopoly municipality has assigned to Melting Pro the start-up service of digital storytelling laboratory.

Engaging the community through people’s stories, empowering them, strengthen the connection with the library by having an audience development strategy.

Are you interested in a similar service for your organisation? Please, contact us, and we can assist you in determining the most appropriate solution for all your needs.

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