The voices inside, artist’s Atelier

To convey the soul of a museum through sounds, noises, visions, making it a living place, a space open to dialogue and to the construction of new relationships: This is the essence of the Live Museum, Live Change project which intends to enhance the site of Trajan’s Markets to make it a kaleidoscopic and accessible creative hub.

Artists and designers, selected with public calls, are called to “live” in Trajan’s Markets and to expperiment different linguistic styles in order to create art works and narrations in harmony with the genius loci.

The artist’s workshops are the core of the project.
The first is by Iginio De Luca with The Voices of Inside, an artistic intervention born from an intimate and physical contact with the life of the place. Through the epidermal and warm rubbing of the hands with the archaeological fragments of the Trajan’s Markets, the artist has reconstructed a sound-archive that identifies and captures the sounds of each block of marble, thus cataloging the most intimate and deep voice of this place in a sensorial and immaterial way.