What is the impact of creativity on the urban spaces we live in today? The social relationships that characterize our societies are becoming more complex but art and citizens can contribute to improving the quality of their lives.

From these reflections the European urban regeneration project Youhood. Young artists in the hood was born.
8 months after its creation, the Youhood publication today. Street art in urban regeneration processes reveals what happened.

The Youhood catalog Street art in the regeneration processes is the story of 12 months of project and 8 days of intense emotions that involved an international team of 22 creatives under 30 from Spain, Italy and Holland.

The project stems from the awareness that one cannot speak of creative regeneration except through the involvement of people and the activation of a process that develops in several stages. Through experience in the field, Mep has identified a format called SPACE that we are talking about.

This time the exploration area was a multicultural neighborhood of a Spanish city in northern Africa. We will reveal its thousand-year history, the unique riches of a socially and culturally stratified context and the way our team has faced the challenge.

The Youhood project traveled on a double track: it experienced the urban regeneration of a territory through art and promoted the exchange and work of 22 creatives under 30 from 3 different countries. The challenge was also to be able to combine their cultural and artistic differences by working towards the same goal in a complex territory.

Part of the extraordinary result obtained from this unique experience is still visible today on a 30 meters long wall of a Via del Rastro where the international team worked together coordinating and opening up to the surrounding area.

The stories hidden behind the various interventions, the emotions and the challenges faced are all collected in this publication but before leaving you, we want to share with you the extract of Sofia Bonelli, Roman creative team.

“Since I set foot in Melilla I immediately felt catapulted into a pastel world dominated by warm colors and a welcoming nature … I saw enchanting and wild lands … and what struck me most was the presence of wild animals in the mountains of the Rif. The children of Melilla helped me to paint … What you see is the result (of this figurative baggage) and I like to think that it is an Arab door wide open on a serene starry night of the Rif ”

Download here the catalogue Youhood catalogue

The catalog is edited by Silvia Punzo, a new precious member of the MeP team.

YOUHOOD is a project carried out within the European Erasmus + KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for youth program funded by the Spanish National Agency. The partnership is formed by the Municipality of Melilla (ES); Municipality of Rotterdam (NL), Melting Pro (IT).

Enjoy the reading!