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The project was sponsored by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies in the Experimental volunteer projects – Act Aug. 11, 1991- n.266 and promoted by the Association Avvocato di Strada Onlus in collaboration with Melting pro. Laboratorio per la Cultura.

The main objective of the project was to promote the participation of young people between 14 and 19 years in initiatives that offer experiences of active citizenship, integration and social engagement.

Classes of high schools in Rome and Bologna have been involved in meetings of about 14 hours, during which volunteer lawyers of the Association Avvocato di strada talked about their experience of volunteering with the homeless and people in condition of marginalization.We exploited the potential of digital storytelling understood as the art of “to tell stories” through digital media, using words, images, voices and music. Lawyers volunteer and students created real “experiences paths” through the use of new media. The final products was used as instruments for the promotion of volunteerism among young people.After school some students were involved in a activity of participatory planning for the design of activities and events on the theme of volunteerism and social engagement and they have had the opportunity to experiment the implementation of the same actions in collaboration with the staff of the Association.A Rome in June 2013 we had the final conference with the presentation of the project results.