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At the level of EU policies the seven years ahead will be led by the goal of a more environmentally sustainable Europe, more socially cohesive and attentive to social inequalities. But what will be the European tools to support cultural and creative enterprises?

From 12 to 13.15 on Tuesday 17 November, Melting Pro will participate in the online event “Europe 2021-2027: what’s in it for the creative sector?”, a webinar in English that marks the end of the training program “CHEBEC – Find your way in EU“. Promoted by our colleagues from BAM!, the training experience supported a select group of companies and organizations in the European cultural and creative sector that wanted to acquire tools to access the opportunities offered by Europe.

Some international speakers will help us understand the direction of EU funding policies for  cultural enterprises:

  • Gabriele Rosana, Policy Director of Culture Action Europe, will describe the recovery fund for cultural enterprises
  • Mieke Renders of Trans Europe Halles will talk about how cultural centers can play a role in social cohesion, an important priority for the next seven years
  • Martina Fraioli of IDEA Consult (Creative Flipproject) will deal with the future of financial instruments for cultural and creative companies

The event will be broadcast live on the Incredibol. Facebook page. HERE you will find the description of the CHEBEC project



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