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How can we contrast the negative trend of cultural participation in Italy and Europe?
What kind of job profile we need to invest in to support cultural organizations’ in having a greater impact?
Which are the central skills to manage public relationship in innovative and effective way?

Over the two and half years the European Project Adeste attempted to give an answer to these questions through intense debates, continuous research, experimental training and international exchanges.

ADESTE is now ending and the results are now available online both on the project website and on our library, able to inform professionals and organizations interested in in the audience development process.

You will also find the speakers’ presentations of the ADESTE final conference in Bilbao (10-11 March 2016 ) and the final publication “Steps towards a good audience practice: following the learnings of the ADESTE project“, which illustrates the story of ADESTE through partners and researchers reflections.

In addition to these tangible results, ADESTE has build an important legacy in terms of know-how and experiences related to audience development, which allowed Melting Pro to develop training programs and consultancy activities on audience development.

For more information:

Melting Pro is available for consulting and training activities in audience development, in order to continue helping cultural organizations to implement audience development strategies and diversification balancing social, financial and artistic sustainability.


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