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In December, 15 events organised by the Abc Art for Build Community course participants of the Art is Us project were realised between Rome and Abruzzo with the active involvement of local creatives, citizens and organisations.

We briefly tell you about the 15 events of #opensocialinnovation:

  • Mara Calcagna and Raffaella Vollaro organised an event in Rome’s Quarticciolo district to build neighbourhood relations and collect the inhabitants’ stories;
  • Gianni Bona created a tourist-cultural route on the trail of a local artist Francesco Paolo Michetti in the centre of Francavilla al Mare;
  • Tania Troiani initiated a digitisation process of the special ‘Love Letter Museum’;
  • Ermes Angelozzi presented ‘I have a dream to live safe’ his play written on the real-life stories and dreams of Palestinians he met in the West Bank refugee camp and presented them to the community;
  • Patrizia Di Nella premiered her play #Dolus about testimonies of people during the pandemic;
  • Chiara Ballone organised a talk, a photo exhibition and a phototherapy workshop with Manuel Vallescura in Montesilvano on the day against violence against women and a workshop in the Psychology Festival in Pescara;
  • Fabio Angelozzi launched a message of #social justice using music;
  • Francesco D’Alessandro collected citizens’ wishes and organised a film forum with children in Francavilla al Mare Chieti;
  • Marta Malsegna created an event to exchange good practices to rediscover and rebuild a harmonious relationship with the ecosystem we inhabit in Rome;
  • Simone Pacini and Carolina Truzzi presented the collective project Building the landscape a site-specific project of #performingwriting and #digitalstorytelling in 2 events (one in presence and one online);
  • Flavio Mandolini and Paolo Di Nicola involved the community in a #creativewriting workshop.

Want to know more? Contact us by writing to Athena D’Orazio,, Italian activities contact person for Art is Us.

Thank you all for working hard and turning what were just ideas into concrete projects and actions for your communities.

Discover the stories of all the participants in the ABC pathway in the “Personal stories” section of the project website.

Keep following Art is us!

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