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After more than two years we are back in Bilbao, guests of University of Deusto, project leader of CONNECT. It was here that in 2017 we had our first meeting in which we asked ourselves “What are the objectives we want to achieve within the European project CONNECT?”.

Now at our closing event, we are evaluating our achievements. CONNECT was the space to develop innovative solutions in creating a connection between University education and the cultural sector job world. All this is demonstrated by the 60 students and 60 professionals and around 40 mentors involved in the 5 countries including Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, Denmark and Poland.

All the CONNECT participants after intensive training on audience development, audience analysis, creative problem solving, leadership and how to drive change, have an idea of ​​action research projects focused on audience needs, worked on identifying barriers to participation, working on the knowing their own audiences and on the need to create a real organizational change.

This week we return to Bilbao, for a comparison at European level on the results achieved, on feeling part of a community of professionals who, thanks to the exchange of knowledge and experiences, try to think of new solutions for their challenges regarding audience development.

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