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After our vacation break we are engaged in delivering classes in several vocational training courses for the cultural sector financed by the Lazio Region and the Tuscany Region.

In the course of Rome HI.STOR.I.A: HIgh STORytelling In Atelier – Innovative Skills for Art, Beauty and Culture “; in collaboration with ASSFORSEO you will find Maura, Patrizia and Federica as digital storytelling facilitators where they will present specific storytelling techniques capable of improving and expanding the visitor experience. They will talk about some of our storytelling projects Plan, Contemporary Invasion, The Storytelling Project in the Monopoli Library,

We will introduce the principles and techniques of audience engagement and audience development in relation to skills development methods and strategies for expanding, diversifying and strengthening public participation in the cultural and creative system.

With Metrica, a professional development centre in Florence, we will be involved in the NOVEMUSE project facilitating digital storytelling and audience development, in which we will apply the principle of design thinking to guide the organizational change that we are experiencing in ADESTEplus, without neglecting the opportunities given by digital to reach new audiences and maintain relations with our public,

In Siena, together with the Senese Museums Foundation, which also participates in the CONNECT project, Ludovica will facilitate a module on audience development for museum professionals.

These are great opportunities to meet new people and organizations that want to make a positive impact on society!

Stay tuned! #followmep

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