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It starts a new project that brings us back to the shelves of a Library and into contact with local communities.

After the experiences in Turin, Bologna, Rome, Latina, Monopoli, we arrive in Campania to work with the Aversa Library in a project promoted by the Centro Per il Libro e la Lettura and Fondazione Con il Sud in collaboration with Associazione Nazionale dei Comuni Italiani.

The initiative intends to put the library at the center of the new vision for the urban regeneration of Aversa, combat the marginalization of the most fragile sections of society and create opportunities for growth, exchange, integration and cultural comparison.

The project involves the creation of an informal network of libraries and a series of actions that will push the library to leave its traditional space to reach the city, even in places not conventionally dedicated to culture. Will be developed new services , co-designed with local communities, starting from listening to their needs and desires, with particular attention to the most vulnerable people and to those who do not currently use these services.

Find out the details here and follow us to stay updated!

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