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How can libraries, private individuals, citizens and politicians work together to give new life to common spaces and share an idea of the future?

This is the question we tried to answer during a new meeting with representatives of the Turin library network for the Top Libray project.

The first step of our journey was to discuss with the librarians their desires, needs and future visions, without forgetting the role of libraries as community spaces. Through working methods inspired by design thinking we imagined the future without losing sight of the “core” of each library and its function as a place of reading and culture intrinsically linked to books and free access.

Collaboration. This was the leitmotif of the working session.

And since collaboration is part of our DNA, we involved Carla Schiavone of WeOne who will be with us in this phase of imagining the future.

What are the next steps? We will continue to listen to the local community, involving users, the district and associations, in order to create a project proposal that summarises needs and highlights possible opportunities for strategic public-private collaboration. We will rethink together 2 spaces of the Amoretti and Passerin d’entreves libraries.

Keep following us to find out what will happen!


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