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Identify innovative processes and shared standards of environmental sustainability for giftshops and museum bookshops

For a few months we have started working on the construction of guidelines for museums and dealers to guide and inspire the profound rethinking of sustainability in bookshops, promote the development of useful content on sustainability, but also suggest a series of actions and strategies to be undertaken for a integrated ecological transition. A practical and significant tool for those who work in the sector.
On June 27th we met the varied community of museums, museum networks and bookshop dealers from all over Italy to start collecting feedback useful for the construction of the guidelines. Our work will continue throughout the month of July, before meeting our targets again and presenting the final work.
In the first part of the meeting, our PTS partners returned the results of the survey on the level of integration of sustainability criteria in the operational and management practices of bookshops. Thanks to the answers provided by the sample of museums interviewed, it was possible to focus on the dimensions on which to intervene to be more sustainable.

This project represents an important field of experimentation that will make the role that culture has in the growth and strengthening of a new green path even more evident.

Eco-sustainability at the Museum is a project promoted by the Museo Galileo in Florence financed by the European Union – NextGenerationEU of the PNRR.

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