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It’s called ”So Far So Close. Infra-pandemic proximity practices” the manual collecting experiences and reflections that have accompanied the lives of many artists and operators during the waves of the 2020 pandemic.
Among these, the story of the process leading to the publication of Conectando Audiencias Italian n. 5, told by Giulia Fiaccarini and Patrizia Braga. Born from the Festival which was held in Basilicata from 12 September to 24 October and promoted by the Matera 2019 Foundation and the Open Design School, the volume is in full harmony with “the value of the pause”, the topic  that our magazine shared with the Spanish one and the three new editions coming out these days in Denmark, Poland and Portugal.
The common intent is to use this new time characterized by limitations, to find even greater freedom to rethink the paradigms of the artistic and cultural sector. The purpose of MeP’s contribution to the volume is to tell how radical collaboration, in this case an editorial one, has represented an alternative form of finding grounds in a critical and disorienting moment.
Good reads!
Download here the manual.


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