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5 episodes on how to rebuild the centrality of cultural organizations starting from the relation with the audience.

Change within change” is the red thread of the European conference launched within the ADESTE + project in the summer of 2020, now available on demand for anyone who needs useful resources to face the prolonged crisis and the changes it is producing, triggering an internal change. Organized in round tables, exchanges of ideas and experiences and laboratory-style meetings, these multimedia contents gather the voices and faces of researchers, trainers, activists and operators committed to the European promise of Audience development as a widespread practice.

Fundamental resources and ideas that are added to those already available in our Resources section, created to support organizations and professionals in their development and innovation activities and more stringent challenges, such as the very high one launched by the President of the European Parliament Sassoli: that culture acts not just a sector, but a vector for positive change.

Info and documents about the Conference are available here.

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