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15 artists from Greece, Italy and Portugal, 14 facilitator/trainer partners, 5 intensive days of workshops, discussions and simulations to experience the Come2Art curriculum, a pathway bringing together creative artists and youth groups to promote creative placemaking activities.

Hosted in Brussels by Culture Action Europe, Melting Pro and the other Come2Art partners will transfer the contents and methodologies developed in the curriculum for the development of life skills through artistic and creative practices to the 15 artists involved in the project. The aim is to test the Come2Art curriculum that will be implemented in 3 creative hubs in Greece, Italy and Portugal in the autumn, in order to gather feedback, additions and adaptations that take into account the specificities of the groups and communities involved in the delivery phase.

The Come2Art curriculum includes a series of modules to explore topics and techniques to creatively activate communities: from the self-regulation of emotions through art and storytelling, to tools for collective artistic expression, digital and non-digital, to empathy, active listening and collaborative and co-design techniques, to an overview on creative placemaking with a selection of some of the most significant international experiences.

For details of the course or project visit the Come2Art page and contact us.

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