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How can community storytelling foster the connection of young migrants with the territories they inhabit?

Melting Pro brings this challenge to the ALI project and does so by exploiting the potential of storytelling and the camera.

Andrea Giancarli and Silvia Punzo, in the respective roles of director and community manager, spent 6 days between Ivrea (TO) and Turin with the young migrants of the Mary Poppins and NanĂ  social cooperatives.

The participants, starting from the brainstorming phase, become co-creators, together with the two facilitators, of a professional and captivating audiovisual product to give life to a new narrative of the territories generated through their lens.

The video to be made is an output, and at the same time, a creative and participatory strategic device through which the young people are encouraged to activate processes of connection, rediscovery and enhancement of the two cities and make their presence visible within the spaces.

The challenge is high, the language and cultural barriers present, but thanks to the input of the youngsters, the ideas for the stories of the videos arrive and the results are surprising!

In Ivrea, the station presided over by the cooperative ZAC – Zone Attivi di Cittadinanza! emerges as a central place for storytelling: a moment of stalemate for the youngsters where they often wait for hours for the buses that will take them back to the neighbouring villages where they live. The interviews, playful and informal, made and received involving the main characters of the station become an important springboard to connect to that place and transform the station from a non-place to a familiar space.

In Turin, sport between boxing and football becomes the driving theme and emerges in all its social and redemptive power. From chatting with the boys, passions, desires and sporting ambitions emerge, leading us to visit the gyms they frequent and interview the coaches who follow them. A football match in the park with the city’s boys symbolically brings to a close the meaning and potential of sport to occupy those central public spaces in a city as protagonists.

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