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The report of the research conducted in the second half of 2021 within the project Futur(e)ability – Digital and transversal skills for online teachers is now online.

During the first wave of the current pandemic, all countries experienced forms of lockdown that limited or changed how people lived and worked. It is evident that different sectors have been affected by these new conditions; in particular, educational pedagogies and methodologies have been the object of structural questioning and changes, which enhanced the need for new reflections and analysis from professionals and experts.

In the light of this consideration, the strategic partnership created within FutureAbility wanted to investigate how distance learning was carried out in the HE sector during Covid-19, with the ultimate aim of understanding how visual methods can improve online teaching and learning outcomes.

To this end, the investigation was conducted on a national basis in Italy, United Kingdom, South Africa, Greece, Sweden and Hungary, by partners grouped in national clusters.

The approach to the research was mainly qualitative, using a variety of investigative tools, chosen according to the specific aim and target group, which included surveys, focus groups and desk research. The desk research reflects the phenomenon at a broader and official level, while the focus group and the survey display considerations in a more precise and personal way. Despite differences in their methodologies, all the research approaches reached similar conclusions in terms of trends and concerns related to distance learning in higher education sectors.

Download here the report

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