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After hosting 25 colleagues among the trainers and researchers who are part of the CONNECT project, it is time for Melting Pro to take a first look at the benefits of this European initiative.

Besides working on the training in audience development, deepening its disciplinary areas and teaching methods, an important moment of discussion on the mentoring path that will accompany the CONNECT course took place in Rome.

The program foresees that each participant enter into a process of dialogue and reflection with an assigned mentor, a professional in the cultural sector with experience and skills of listening, storytelling and sharing. The CONNECT mentors, currently being identified, will be trained in the practices to be used during mentoring: from the fundamental principles of the methodology, to active listening and storytelling techniques, including a series of exercises to stimulate the entrepreneurial skills of students, such as problem solving and decision making, leadership and negotiation, creative thinking and strategic vision.

The goal is to enhance the impact in terms of overall professional growth that the CONNECT program in audience development wants to have in its participants. Taking part in the course, in addition to the deepening of academic contents and the application of concepts and tools to a concrete project to be carried out in a cultural organization, the participants will enter a 360° empowerment experience, in which the 1 to 1 exchange with the mentor will make them more aware of the learning process in all its forms and phases, enhancing its effectiveness.

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