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Melting Pro is in charge of leading a digital storytelling workshop in the project “Supporting Communities” managed by voluntary organisations in Latina.

Voluntaries will gain competences to tell stories about their social work, why they do it and for whom in Latina, Pontina and Sabaudia.

Storytelling is a useful tool to foster dialogue between organisations and their beneficiaries to strengthen a sense of commitment and engagement.

In this way, the project aims to give value to the small villages (Borghi) as laboratories to engage the community.

At the beginning of the 20th century, families from the north-east of Italy settled and built five cities and fifteen villages in the Agro Pontino area. Given the geographical area and that the villages are quite scattered, a sense of a network is missing.

The workshop aims to give the voluntary organisations storytelling tools to build that sense of community,

During the first three meetings, the focus will be on the practical learning of the methodology and storytelling as an essential tool for effective communication.

A final meeting is to focus on both the analysis of the community manager’s role and understanding the community needs.

Partners working in Latina are ODV Diaphorà, ODV Il Cammino, ODV A. Ge., Coop. Il Snetiero, Pro Loco Borgo Grappa, FantasticArt Aps, Latina District with the Social Services Department.

Percorsi APS and Pontina District are the partners who work in Pontina, and APS Amici di Bella Farnia and Sabaudia District whit Social Services Department are the partners working in Sabaudia.

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