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3 days of fun and creativity for the boys and girls of the P.arch project schools

After three intense years, the secondary school classes from Rome, Palermo and Favara finally met in person in Sicily for the Creative Camp at the end of May.

An exceptional location hosted pupils, teachers and partners: the Farm Cultural Park, the project leader.

The town centre of Favara (Ag), partly regenerated by artists and creative people from all over the world, demonstrates how change is possible. A fundamental concept for the P.arch project, which supports and promotes “educational wealth” through creativity, art and the protagonism of children.

During the Creative Camp, the children saw with their own eyes the impact that art can have on territories. Where before there was abandonment and neglect, beauty can be created.

Construction workshops, territorial explorations, video mapping, culinary tastings and lots of fun characterised the days spent between Favara and Agrigento for about 80 boys and girls.

A fundamental opportunity for growth, learning, discovery and light-heartedness after 2 difficult years of pandemic. For many, the Creative Camp also meant their first trip outside their home district, outside the borders of their own city. P.arch gave them all the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience that for some will be difficult to repeat.

We project partners, together with the teachers of the 3 schools involved, also had the opportunity to discuss and share our experiences in a meeting coordinated by Prof. Colloca – from the University of Catania.

The P.arch community is increasingly active and ready to make its contribution to the growth of children, citizens and local associations.

The school year has just ended but we still have 6 months of project ahead of us in which there will be no lack of activities, meetings and much more.

Will P.arch surprise again? Follow us to find out!

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