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Design thinking as a drive towards collaboration and networking for the enhancement of the territory.

After the end of the first edition of the Libri del tempo presente project, which included a series of eight meetings dedicated to the theories and themes of design thinking, the two working groups involved carried out the testing phase, creating new events and new experiments.

In particular, the Polo del ‘900 group created a digital shelf in which books and reading suggestions on major current issues were collected, with the help of civil service volunteers.

In the design process, which involved going through all the phases of design thinking, the group chose to carry out several tests and to involve the group of volunteers from the Civic Libraries of Turin and the Libraries of the Library System of the Turin metropolitan area, thus widening its range of action.

During the classroom phases and in the moments of shared planning, the groups shared desires, objectives and perspectives and today the Polo del ‘900 team is about to disseminate the results of a great work of cooperation and sharing.

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