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The IRC19 Italian Response to Covid19 project explores how culture can help those working in the health sector. Since 2020, the health sector has occupied the media discourse with constant messages and stories that trigger confrontations in which trust, social responsibility and collective commitment are negotiated.

Reflecting on how we experience or are affected by a pandemic is essential to evolve as a community and develop new paradigms of coexistence together.

Melting Pro and CUAMM are experimenting with some cultural practices with the aim of multiplying the voices and faces of those who have played a role on the front line since the beginning of the pandemic. We are proposing a new narrative starting from the stories of some Italian and African women who, in very different contexts, have remained faithful to their commitment to care and health assistance, more or less formal.

Their voices and faces tell the story of Covid19 and of the last year and a half from a new perspective, both private and community, illuminating our way of perceiving life in times of pandemic with the simplicity and strength of their experiences.

From the interviews we have just concluded, illustrated and animated stories will be created, to watch, read, listen to and share. 4 Italian authors and illustrators will translate into comic characters the stories of stubbornness and courage of health workers, mediators, activists and nurses struggling with Covid19. The last form of storytelling will be audiovisual, with the creation of a video in which the original strips will be animated.

Follow us to get to know the stories of the women involved in the project.

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