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The intense ADESTE+ project ended at the end of March in Copenhagen to the tune of You’ve got a friend!

During this last project meeting, the partners of the Norrebro Theatre proposed the experience of immersive empathy that took their audience from a small group of a few people to sold-out evenings with 600 seats: the shared sing-a-long. In this way, our partnership was able to close with the right emotional syntony the three-year path that, besides the many useful resources for those involved in audience development and engagement, has generated a large international community of people interested in participation and cultural accessibility.

The biggest novelty with which the project closes is the launch of the digital platform through which to understand and apply the ACED method, Audience Centred Experience Design, in which the case studies on a global scale that have guided ADESTE+ research and experimentation in recent years are collected.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact the Head of the Competences for Culture Area:

And consult the ADESTE+ project website

Also, to understand the ACED method through the direct experience of those who are testing it, do not miss the interview with Ilaria Bortolotti, head of the Luigi Spina Library in Bologna, collected in issue 7 of Connectando Audiencias to read or listen to.


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