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The New Report “Emotions and Learning in Museums” by the NEMO – Network of European Museum Organisations  edited by Edited by Paolo Mazzanti in collaboration with Margherita Sani is out .

The report collects important contributions from Authors such as Alberto Del Bimbolorenzo greppiAntonia SilvaggiElisa BruttiniJudith KokeJohn FalkTom OwenKarleen Gardner , Sheila Watson and explains the role of emotions in designing museums: how emotions are a pre-condition for learning and how they facilitate emotional experiences and even aim to foster empathy in visitors.

Museums should operate with a ‘trigger – emotions’ effect in mind to better connect with audiences.
Topics dear to our heart, as Melting Pro we are working on developing skills for Museums professionals since we know that Stories engage us and make us more empathetic, so can be a force for transformation.

That’s why museums should invest more in telling their own stories, those of their staff and communities. Most of the world’s museums are small, but they all have stories linked to their collections that could be used to make connections and unlock meaning. All have communities that are waiting to be engaged.

cambiamento, soprattutto per i piccoli musei. Ci sono tante comunità che aspettano solo di essere ascoltate!.

Download here Emotions and learning in Museums.

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