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This is the first step in the “design phase” of ACED in which you undertake an experiment with and for a key target audience. It is all about understanding the perspective of your target group – audience/s or community – which may be very different to others’.

Empathize is design thinking’s first stage for a reason. It’s the first step on the road to thoughtfully designed products that prove the designers built with a compassionate eye for their users. Empathy is a naturally occurring characteristic which people have in varying degrees. However, they can improve their ability to empathize as a soft skill. Anyone in a design team will have preconceived ideas about the many situations people find themselves in as users. It’s unavoidable – you can’t unlearn your life experience. Therefore, you should always adopt a beginner’s mindset to be able to view and analyze situations with users objectively.

Good design – and good audience development – are both based on an authentic and empathetic understanding of  people’s needs and interests.

Melting Pro will provide the Textile Culture Net with skills and tools to integrate an audience-centred approach and an innovative digital strategy.

Find out how the ACED method can help you develop and diversify your audiences and users!

Contact Antonia Silviaggi,, Head of Competence Area for Culture.

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