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The second international short school of the Eureka project starts today in Timisoara.

A week in which students from four of the countries involved in the project (Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Romania) will meet to talk about urban regeneration and social innovation.

The training programme for Urban Innovators started with the first International Short Summer School last October in Amsterdam. In this new international event, the 60 students and parnters will be hosted by the  AMBASADA Cultural Centre and the University of Timisoara.

It will be a week to exchange good practices and compare notes on the progress of the 4 Urban Living Labs, the challenge that in recent months is leading the participants to intervene in the territories of the 4 cities involved (Venice, Amsterdam, Bilbao and Timisoara) and work with the communities.

We at Melting Pro are excited about this new opportunity for international confrontation. Together with colleagues/colleagues from IUAV Venice and Agenzia Lama, we will participate in the meeting and facilitate some sessions for the evaluation of the activities.

The Short School will also be an opportunity for the Eureka team to discover the local urban context, city policies and the many experiments in the field of regeneration carried out in Timisoara, European Capital of Culture for 2023 (together with Eleusi in Greece and Veszprém in Hungary).

Don’t miss all the updates on the project and the many activities that will take place in Venice in June.

For more info on the project visit the Eureka page or the website


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