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What is a festival’s unique value for people’s lives and places?

Our journey among small but exceptional music festivals in peripheral areas continues thanks to the Creative Europe SMA project after the post-pandemic openings!

We were at D Festival a couples of weeks ago, the second stop is the Ypsigrock Festival in the medieval village of Castelbuono, Sicily, celebrating its 25th anniversary, from 4 to 7 August!

“In addition to the quality of the artists (this year Fleming Lips, Manuel Agnelli, etc.), the special ingredient is the combination of an intimate experience with a historical location, (where there is also an interesting museum), ” says one of the founders Vincenzo Barreca in Monocle, an international magazine specialising in design and culture.”

We, as Mep, are working together with the festivals to try to define what this uniqueness is.

After Sicily, we will go to Germany, to the Haldern Pop Festival, Be True- Not better, is the slogan!
Once a year, a village of just 6,000 inhabitants invites you to the Lower Rhine, hosts as many guests and offers musical performances that have been put together in a somewhat subjective way the attention they deserve.

A unique place where there is a particular participation system where the village families are involved.

This year’s line-up also includes EXTRA LISCIO and VASCO BRODI

Follow us to find out more about these two festivals!

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