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Melting Pro is going to support Fitzcarraldo in leading the capacity building programme of ADESTE+ with the Teatro Stabile di Torino. The programme is going to run till June 2019. What is going to happen?

Do you remember our old project ADESTE finished in 2016? At that time is was one of the few projects focusing on developing an international training programme for cultural professionals on the topic of audience development co-funded through the old Lifelong Learning Programme, now Erasmus Plus.

Our approach in ADESTE was more linear, think about how your audiences fit into your mission, analyse your data, develop strategies and action plan, and measure, measure, measure your activity and rethink your initial idea. Moreover, we were working only with one person inside the organisation.

This approach is extremely important, but we realised that it does not take into account some of the complexities around managing an organisation. Therefore, our approach in ADESTE+ is based more on the design thinking and Human centred approach, based more on understanding first audiences needs and empathizing with them rather than thinking about first what we want to offer them. The idea is that instead of asking ourselves why aren’t young people coming to out theatre is more about Why do we want young people? What do we have to offer? What are their needs and desires? To shift and empathise more with the user and be more creative with our approach.

As a result, in ADESTE+ we are going to work with multidisciplinary teams inside the organisations, in order to overcome the silo approach and to start from the user’s needs and test the Double Diamond Approach of design thinking. We ideated a BLUEPRINT which we want it to have a story to it, leadership, values and to be a guide in embracing change and ambiguity, understand what the real problem is that we want to solve.

We are going to test our assumptions also as trainers.

Stay tuned! #adesteplus #audience development

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