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Northampton is located in New England (USA), the Connecticut River runs nearby. It’s a land of pioneers and since the time of their independence from the British Government a land that preservers a huge history of fighting for civil rights.

The memory of an activism movement is strongly vivid still today. You can sense that “Community building” is a philosophy of life.
The Smith College, a female college that nurtured generations of women protagonists in American history, hosted the 6th International Conference on digital storytelling, an exceptional location, with green areas welcoming participants from five continents.

The many international speakers showed the richness of digital storytelling and its use in very different contexts over the three days. We have seen stories related to climate change, others related to the impact assessment of the services offered by the National health system, others to the development of the curriculum vitae, to support those who have suffered trauma of different nature, or to be used as an audience engagement strategy for museum and our Story Abroad for the evaluation of skills acquired abroad.

Listening to all those interesting case studies, triggered a thousand of possible connections and ideas to develop and test. To give everyone a chance to express their ideas is a social responsibility that we feel we need to respond also through the use of digital storytelling.

Now back in Rome we will look into a way of conveying everything we have seen and heard, building new collaborations with organisations interested in listening and give voice to people.

The power of the connection between people are their stories. Stories are told by people. It’s about what happen to the people who share that story


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