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As part of the training course “Idealab: designing new creative solutions for the cultural sector“, we have just completed a module on soft skills, i.e. the fundamental skills for team collaboration together with Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, and on Audience Development together with Mondo Delfino and Studio D.

What do these two courses have in common? The fundamental skills of the 21st century, listening, empathy, collaboration, creativity and experimentation!

Starting from the #Marshmellow Challenge made famous by Tom Wujec to the use of storytelling techniques, we discussed what it means to work in a team. The soft skills module aims to help participants become more aware of themselves, their competences and values, individually and in relation to the team. It also provides tools for managing groups in a fun way.

Together with Mondo Delfino and Studio D, we defined a relevant challenge for each organisation. A prototype was developed to test the effectiveness of the solutions found and to involve people on the ground more actively.

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