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Environmental sustainability and the ecological transition enter the shelves of museum bookshops with “Eco-sustainability at the Museum: new shared processes and standards of museums”, an initiative funded by NextGenerationEU, promoted by Museo Galileo of Florence.

The aim of the project is to integrate the principles of sustainability into the supply chain of cultural merchandising, looking at museum bookshops as promoters of environmental sustainability.

This morning the second meeting was held with representatives of museums and bookshop managers coming from various Italian cities. The meeting, conducted by our partners of PTSCLAS and by the expert Irene Ivoi, explored challenges and opportunities of the green economy in the museum value chain. During the focus group it emerged how increasingly crucial it is to combine the best-known environmental sustainability practices with the most value-based ones, and therefore of awareness-raising and involvement of staff and users, from a perspective of integrated sustainability: environmental, social and economic.

Melting Pro will be alongside the participants in an interactive and dynamic path, promoting collaboration and the exchange of ideas to identify and develop new more sustainable solutions. The objective is to outline guidelines that bring together shared standards and processes, in order to promote environmental sustainability along the entire supply chain of museum bookshops.

Find out more about Eco-sustainability at the Museum: new shared processes and standards of museums here

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