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Here we are! P.arch – Playground for community architects starts! It’s a project created to fight the growing level of educational poverty among young people in primary and secondary schools in Lazio and Sicily.

P.arch is a project selected by Con i Bambini as part of the Fund for the fight against child educational poverty.

The essence of the project is contained in the words that make up its name:

PLAYGROUND (playground) because P.arch is an extremely dynamic, physical, but also ideal place for fun, experimentation, teamwork, passion and creativity.
ARCHITECTS for the planning, skills and future and long-term vision that the project intends to bring to the outskirts of some cities.
COMMUNITY because it is based on dialogue and relationships between children, communities and territories.

On February 20 and 21 we will be in Palermo to officially start the activities that in the next three years will lead us to experiment with a new educational model based on the use of creative methodologies. We will work closely with schools, associations, educational and creative communities to design new “playgrounds” in which to grow ideas and projects.

P.arch. Playground for community architects is an initiative designed by Farm Cultural Park and Melting Pro in partnership with: Municipality of Palermo, University of Palermo – Department of Architecture, Comprehensive Institutes Falcone Borsellino di Favara, Via Maffi of Rome, Giuliana Saladino of Palermo, Casilino Ecomuseum to Duas Lauros, CLAC, DigitalFun, Made for Skills, Iter Network.

For more info about P.arch click here.

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