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The cooperation partnership Come2Art will celebrate its first year in Brussels with a learning activity involving 15 Italian, Greek and Portuguese artists for a week of intensive training in early September.

The Belgian workshop represents the culmination of a project phase led by Melting Pro, in which an innovative curriculum was defined for the development of life skills, literally “skills for life” through artistic and creative practices.

The Come2Art pathway consists of 5 modules ranging from relational art to digital tools for artistic expression, from the use of creative practices for the self-regulation of emotions to collaborative art and public art experiences: a dual-track excursus, theoretical and practical, through the multiple possibilities of practising artistic languages for personal growth and empowerment.

The artists participating in the project will acquire the concepts and tools provided by the curriculum, and then transfer them to groups of young citizens in the cities of Thessaloniki, Gorizia and Lisbon, involving them in collective artistic practices and thus relaunching their role as educators and community leaders.

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