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Three National and European projects bring us to Favara (Agrigento), Palermo e Potenza.

From 15 to 23 April 2024, Melting Pro travels to share and transfer the Lambertian Storytelling methodology with various partners.

We start with Sicily where we replicate, after a year, the experience of Turin and Ivrea with Community Storytelling as part of the A.L.I. project dedicated to young unaccompanied foreigners in Italy.
New stimuli and scenarios in the Sicilian setting for a format that sees Silvia Punzo, facilitator of Storytelling courses, and Andrea Giancarli, professional director, engaged in the creation of audiovisual products conceived and created in collaboration with 10 migrant young boys from different backgrounds, from Egypt to Tunisia, from Bangladesh to Senegal, passing through Mali.
The filming, imagined together with the young boys, aims to bring out the stories that are often not told and the authentic, to raise awareness among people to overcome stereotypes and shorten political, cultural and social distances.

In Favara, the Eco – Educazione di Comunità project leads us to spend two afternoons with the representatives of the educating community to facilitate the sharing of anecdotes and past experiences that the participants have lived. Through their stories we will discover the beauty of feeling part of a community, both contributing and receiving.

In Potenza, two days of meetings for the European project NACCS. Here, Storytelling enters the framework of Narrative Accountability, to ensure that citizens can be involved in reporting processes when institutions are responsible for managing public funding to encourage participatory, democratic and transparent practices.

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