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Stories are the most powerful medium to reach out to others. What if it was a story, or rather, a digital curricular story that told who we are and what we are good at?

Visual, immersive, transmedia. The word Storytelling has become familiar to many. Its applications are so many that one can sometimes run the risk of misusing it. For us, Storytelling is a practice, a method, a language, a process. A term that we redefine every time we start a new training course precisely to give it the value and scope it deserves.

Within the ALI project, Melting Pro will deploy the potential of storytelling for the creation of digital curricular stories.

We will start with a “train the trainers” programme divided into 5 online meetings and addressed to the trainers of the 4 territories involved: Favara, Palermo, Turin, Ivrea. Social workers, life coaches, and linguistic mediators will get involved in order to acquire and develop tools and skills that they will transfer themselves to the young migrants to which the project is addressed. The aim is to bring out competences and skills in a creative way and through a process of empowerment.

After the first meeting introducing Storytelling and the methodology developed by the Story Center of Berkeley (USA), we look forward to meeting again for the second meeting dedicated to storycircle, one of the most intimate and powerful moments of the project.

For more info on the project, visit the ALI page and follow us on fb @aliAbitareLavorareIncontrarsi

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